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Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Carry on good works

Scripture for Life: Today's Gospel might be the most un-American of all Jesus' parables. This story of equal pay for vastly unequal work just doesn't sit right. How to evaluate the economic justice of this tale?

White Christians in the US helped build, sustain white supremacist nation, author says

The challenge for white Christians today, Robert P. Jones said, is to honestly tell this "barely-hidden" history, and begin to engage in a process of repair and justice.

Church's ongoing clergy abuse scandals recounted in new podcast

"Crisis," produced by The Catholic Project at Catholic University of America interviews more than three dozen individuals, including testimonials from abuse survivors, priests, bishops, lawyers and advocates.

A strong and authentic human, feminist theme guides 'Mulan'

Movie review: In the best live-action film to come from Disney in a very long time, the juxtaposition between adversaries Mulan and Xianniang, both women hiding their identity, is one of the high points.

In Marilynne Robinson's fourth Gilead novel, grace gets the last word

Book review: Jack is a beautiful if improbable biracial love story, full of joy and sadness, but complicated from the start by its setting in Southern cities in the days of Jim Crow.