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Catholic Scout councils not affected by bankruptcy case, chairman says

Boy Scout councils and units sponsored by Catholic parishes and other entities will not be affected by the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case filed by the Boy Scouts of America, said the chairman of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

'Nothing' bishop gets frank on married priests, Vatican under Francis

Bishop John Michael Botean, who leads the Eparchy of St. George's in Canton, Ohio, the Romanian Greek Catholic Church's only diocese abroad, spoke with unusual candor in a Feb. 18 interview.

Why I signed the letter asking Barr to resign

Commentary: Joining more than 1,100 former U.S. Department of Justice officials in signing the letter calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign his office, among other things, was a matter of honoring my faith.

Being meek does not mean being a pushover, pope says at audience

Those who are meek are patient, gentle and merciful, drawing people together and salvaging relationships, Pope Francis said.

We need to say 'no' to the dominance of money in politics, philanthropy, culture

Distinctly Catholic: No deep shift in public opinion has been more oppositional to Catholic social teaching in my lifetime than the diminishment of the idea that there are public goods that the public should seek to meet.

Copy Desk Daily, Feb. 19, 2020

NCR Today: The Copy Desk Daily highlights the latest news and opinion that have crossed copy editors' desks, on the way to readers.

Reformers' ideas gain momentum in German synodal way

Amid a shrinking Catholic Church in Germany, participants in the first session of synodal way meetings brought up questions about sexual morality, the ordination of women, and compulsory celibacy.

Integral ecology requires a larger 'seamless garment'

Faith Seeking Understanding: A true sense of interconnectedness suggests that one cannot merely select a single ethical issue in isolation as if it were unrelated to all others.

Book on Civil War era activists has parallels to present moment

It will strike astute readers as unsurprising (and dispiriting) that today's critical questions surrounding gender and race were even more urgent for radical reformers throughout the 1800s.

German theologian spearheads transition to a 'gender appropriate' Catholic Church

Though 500 years have passed since the Protestant Reformation began in the eastern German town of Wittenberg, traditional and conservative Catholics find themselves eyeing the German church with concern once again.