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LA Congress to go virtual for 2021 due to ongoing pandemic

Organizers of the largest annual gathering of Catholics in the United States have suspended plans for an in-person gathering in 2021 and will instead host a virtual meeting next year. 

Msgr. Ratzinger, retired pope's brother, dies at 96

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, a musician and retired Pope Benedict XVI's elder brother, died July 1 at the age of 96.

Trump support declines among white and Hispanic Catholics

A poll from the Pew Research Center released July 1 showed the president's disapproval rating among white Catholics is at 45%, up from 42% in January of this year. Among Hispanic Catholics, his disapproval figures are even higher — clocking in at 74% in June, compared to 72% in January. 

The joy of our hope

Digging Into Laudato Si': While the last section of the encyclical may be short, it's full of hope. 

Copy Desk Daily, July 1, 2020

NCR Today: Our copy editors share the best news and opinion articles of the day with you from NCR, GSR and EarthBeat.

Our Romero moment: Time for US bishops to stand up against racism

Commentary: We have heard from a few of our bishops about the need to end racism, and for police violence against Black men to stop. But for the most part, prudence, not prophecy, has seized the episcopate.

Pandemic expected to cause drop in Catholic schools' international students

The coronavirus threatens to put a dent in international enrollment, causing problems for schools' increasingly important diversity goals and increasingly stressed balance sheets.

New book urges white Christians to assess their 'abuses of faith'

Book review: The book takes down a number of the personalities, institutions and structures of white Christian nationalism that led to President Donald Trump's election and who pose a continued serious threat to multiethnic democracy in the United States. 

Discovering a 'great grace' in the time of COVID-19

Commentary: This time of shared crisis affords us a serendipitous opportunity to grow beyond ourselves by considering how our actions can affect others and creation itself

Pro-life cause stymied, but not because of court decision

Distinctly Catholic: If we truly want to make sure that every child is "protected in law and welcomed in life," we have a lot more work to do than the kind of legal shenanigans that are currently consuming the pro-life and pro-choice movements.