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If you are interested in joining the Parish, please contact the Parish Office at 262-644-5701, Ext. 2 or click on the "Join Us" tab. 

News and Events

   For the first time in history,  pilgrims are processing across  the United States with the  Blessed Sacrament on the way  to the National Eucharistic  Congress. The northern “Marian” route will cross the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from north to south June 18-26, 2024 with stops at more than 50 of our parishes, retreat centers and shrines.  All events are free and open to the public. 

St. Lawrence is honored to be a stopping point for the pilgrimage on June 20.  You are welcome to be present in the church or outside along the procession route.

9:30 AM—Arrive St. Lawrence Parish          15 minute Holy Pit Stop—(9:45)

15 minute 1/2 mile loop Procession around St. Lawrence Cemetery

Will you join us for this Historic Journey?

Would you like to join our team and help at Mass?  We are looking for youth and adults to assist with the various liturgical ministries.   More Information can be found here.  Training provided. We’d love to have you join us!!

St. Matthias Summer Masses

Our summer 8AM Masses return:   June 3, July 1, August 5 & September 2.  Please join us!

St. Lawrence Scholarship

This year we are again blessed with several generous donations totaling approximately $4000. Our scholarship committee will award scholarships to one or more members of St. Lawrence Parish pursuing higher education.  Please note the June 28 deadline for submission of applications. Feel free to call or text Joan Krebs at 262-305-2774 with any questions.  Click here for an application.

Trustee Election & Pastoral Council Selection

Trustee Election – In accord with WI State Statute 187.19 which stipulates trustees be elected from and by the Congregation, I hereby announce trustee elections to take place June 29-30 2024.  Maureen Gehring, incumbent Trustee/Secretary, is unable to accept an additional 2-year term of office in service to the parish; I hereby nominate Timothy Hofmaier.  Additional candidates are welcome if nominated in writing by at least 10 or more registered parishioners; forms are in the back of church or on-line; additional nominees must be practicing Catholics at least 25 years old and registered members of the parish; candidates will be announced June 22-23, 2024; if there is but one candidate, they are simply declared elected and assume office beginning 07/01/24.

Pastoral Council Selection   ---   Do you have an hour or so once a month to serve our Parish?  Are you, or someone you know, interested in serving our Parish in a more meaningful way? 

Our Pastoral Council is seeking two members for three year terms and one member for a two year term.  Nominations close June 20, 2024.  If interested please contact Angie Cleary (262-224-0714) or the Parish Office (262-644-5701). 

Share some of your time, God-given talents and energy as a member of the Pastoral Council to help shape the future of St. Lawrence Parish.  This is an outstanding opportunity for you to make a real difference in our Parish. Candidates must be registered members of the Parish and at least 18 years of age.

Please prayerfully consider serving St. Lawrence as a member of the Pastoral Council.

What did those early celebrations look like?

  Already around the year AD 155, St. Justin Martyr described the   basic outline of the Mass we have today. Christians gathered together on Sunday and read from the writings of the prophets and Apostles (Old and New Testament readings). The presider gave an exhortation to live out the Christian Faith (a homily) and rose to offer prayers of petition to God (Prayer of the Faithful). Bread and a cup of wine and water were given to the presider (Presentation of the Gifts) who offered them to God and gave thanks (eucharistein in Greek) (the Eucharistic Prayer), and at the conclusion of the prayer of thanksgiving, the people said together, "Amen" (the Great Amen). Deacons gave the people the "eucharisted" bread and wine (Holy Communion) and took them to those who were absent.  Many of the prayers we recite in the Mass today have roots in the first few centuries of Christianity. St. Hippolytus of Rome, for example, writing about AD 215, seems to preserve prayers and rituals from the Eucharistic Liturgy of the second century. Here we find the fundamental structure of the Eucharistic prayers we hear today: prayers of thanksgiving, the words of institution, the commemoration and offering, invocation of the Holy Spirit, the doxology, and the Amen. Consider the following prayers, which are almost exactly the same as what we recite today:  The bishop says: The Lord be with you. And all reply: And with your spirit.  The bishop says: Lift up your hearts.  The people respond: We have them with the Lord. The bishop says: Let us give thanks to the Lord.  The people respond: It is proper and just.  Indeed, when we participate in the Mass, we enter a tradition of rituals and prayers that go back to the first centuries of Christianity!

Behold the Lamb of God by Edward Sri     ©2023 AscensionPress.com

For more information on the Eucharistic Revival:  https://www.resurrectionallenton.org/eucharistic-revival

Leave a Legacy

Please remember St. Lawrence Parish in your estate planning.  For a brochure click here or contact the Parish Office at (262) 644-5701, ext. 2 for information on how you can remember our Parish through the          St. Lawrence Congregation Endowment Fund.

Quilts of Valor
We are compiling a list of service members or living veterans who served. If there is someone from our parish, either yourself or nominate someone, please click here for a Request Form as we would like to start presenting A Quilt of Valor® (QOV).  It is awarded to a Service Member or Veteran who has served our country with bravery, honor and dedication. The Quilt says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.” St. Luke Sew Blessed Quilters of Slinger is grateful to have a group of women from surrounding churches that faithfully sew and make these beautiful quilts for our veterans. If there is anyone interested in joining them, you are more than welcome; please contact Donna Gross 262-707-5730. And if anyone is interested in helping the St. Luke Blessed Quilters defray costs for the Quilts of Valor for fabrics and supplies please place in the box marked Quilts of Valor.  

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